morning after

There is a reason that I don't typically drink. And the reason can be defined in the hours between 6am and 11am this morning. My legs ache as if I walked a marathon. My voice sounds like I've been smoking for 600 years and my throat feels like it. I want to coat my entire... Continue Reading →

when I grow up

I have this reoccurring dream where I'm in school. And each night when I dream this, I panic and look in my notebook for what my next class is and what homework is due. See, that's just how I was in school. Doing homework the class before it was due, my teachers always thinking I... Continue Reading →


I just finished The Secret Life of Bees today. Originally, I was in a hurry to finish it so I could start The Bell Jar again (love Sylvia Plath!) but a few chapters into it, I was reading even more rapidly because of the way the story unfolds and every thing ties together.Any time I... Continue Reading →

Big fat tears

A secret about me that people who think I'm tough would never guess is that I cry easily. Not at work, of course - sob stories during interviews make me want to laugh out loud; but at home, at the movie theater, reading a kids' book at Barnes - you name it, I tear up.... Continue Reading →

winter solstice

To The Thawing WindCome with rain, O loud Southwester!Bring the singer, bring the nester; Give the buried flower a dream;Make the settled snowbank steam;Find the brown beneath the white;But whate'er you do tonight,Bathe my window, make it flow,Melt it as the ice will go; Melt the glass and leave the sticksLike a hermit's crucifix;Burst into... Continue Reading →

All in a day’s work

Unfortunately, good work ethic doesn't come standard w/most humans. You have to learn it. And like most good habits, it usually comes at an early age. Mine comes from years as a papergirl. (that was a sweet video game, by the way).It wasn't as easy as it sounds. It required necessary resources to complete the... Continue Reading →

not making an effort

We are not very neighborly. No, not at all. We aren't intentionally uncordial, but we're also not overly friendly. True, we take a baggie with us when walking Tucker, but nothing else we do is too courteous. Well, I did give our next door neighbor her pick of hydrangeas, but only after she bitched about... Continue Reading →

epiphanies #5

I get very annoyed w/Facebook, I have no idea why I still have an account. Let me tell you what annoys me the most. It's when women write their married name w/their maiden name thrown in there in the middle. Yeah, we get it, you were single at one point. We all were. Get over... Continue Reading →

wrong number

So Jared called me today. He asked if this was Anh. I said, "yes." Somehow out of the name "Anh" I heard "Holly." Don't ask me. My ears are going bad, my eyes are going bad - it's all downhill after 25. He said, "hey, it's Jared." Me: "who?""Jared." "Jared who?"At this point, Jared sighed... Continue Reading →

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