back to the ol’ grindstone

I rejoined the working class today. Perhaps the worst part of starting a new job is all of the hand-shaking that goes on (I dread hand-shaking thanks to my clamminess). No, really the worst thing about starting a new job is lunch. I never know if I should bring my own lunch, or if it... Continue Reading →

pictures of the new nieces

Steve and I stopped by the hospital to see Matt & Emily and their adorable new babies. Here they are: (Kylie)They are fraternal twins. They are so tiny -- but big enough to come home from the hospital. We're looking forward to both of the new nieces in our lives. We also have another niece... Continue Reading →

typical day at the oakview mall

I am not Anna Wintour by any stretch of the imagination, but there are a few fashion faux pas that irk the hell out of me. These are as follows:1. Denim on denim2. Velvet (no exceptions: it is NEVER ok-- in fact, my uncle single-handedly ruined all of my mother's wedding pictures by wearing a... Continue Reading →

growing up with holly

Tomorrow my little brother (in-law) is having twin baby girls. My other little brother Joel is applying to college. My little sister Amber just leveraged her way back into her old job with a pay increase. It's amazing just how "adult" we are becoming. I remember my aunts being so polished and grown-up when I... Continue Reading →

a matinee movie with two young kids

This weekend Steve and I went to a matinee movie. While purchasing the tickets, the cashier said, “ID?” Steve answered with, “no, I don’t have a student ID” (a lot of people mistake us for college kids). “No,” the cashier responded, “your ID – it’s rated ‘R’”. “We’re almost 30,” I said while digging into... Continue Reading →

teenage booty texts

Apparently my phone number used to belong to a girl named Anh. I know this because I receive random “booty texts” every few months, always on a weekend, and always late at night. The texts are from a boy named Jared. I know this because I responded to his first text (“hi Anh”) with “sup,... Continue Reading →

pilates video

During my 30-minute pilates video, my mind has plenty of time to wander between doing “the hundred” and “the frog.” As a result, I have created lives for these pilates characters as if I knew them. Ellen, who is the main instructor, was competing for her leading role against the hotter girl with the braids... Continue Reading →

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