change will do you good

I believe people can change. Were we all such predictable creatures of habit, there would be no surprises. People develop into themselves, which is sometimes the polar opposite of how they were raised. I don't believe you are destined to a certain lifestyle because of your upbringing. Some people fall into the mold they were... Continue Reading →

reality tv #5

American Idol: Loved it. I loved all the songs, all the performances. This top five is the most talented I've ever seen. Even Danny Gokey who is overrated was fantastic tonight. Actually, I think he did the best, but really, everyone gave me chills. And no horrible wardrobe choices I can make fun of. Everyone... Continue Reading →

Trashy checklist

Lots of trashy people around here (we're minutes from Iowa) that don't have a clue that they're trashy. Here is a check list: if even one of these apply to you, you're trashtastic:1. You have any apparel boasting beer or liquor logos2. You drive a car made in the 70s by choice3. Saturday night: 40s... Continue Reading →

reality tv #4

I watched American Idol. I've decided two contestants who could make CDs I would actually buy: Matt Giruad and the girl with the red hair. Well, only the girl's if she did her Bonnie Raitt style, and not her Tiffani thing. And then I would drag two or three songs of Kris Allen's off of... Continue Reading →

driving sober, carpool ad, servants

I am seriously considering becoming one of those people who I make fun of because they don't drive. I just can't stand the stress of the roads anymore. Every time someone changes lanes I tense up, thinking they're going to change two at a time and ram into me. Tonight I was driving down 13th... Continue Reading →

the joys of air travel

Steve and I traveled to Denver for a very quick two days this weekend. I am the worst traveler ever. It's not that I get stressed out in airports or anything like that, I just don't arrive sloppily enough. I'm wearing heels while I'm walking miles at a time to get from the sidewalk to... Continue Reading →

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