stories from Denver #2

I saw this bum, and rolled down the cab window to politely ask if I could take his picture. God knows why I was so respectful of his privacy considering he probably takes craps on the park lawn. Anyway, he walked over, and I took the shot. I didn't have any cash to give him,... Continue Reading →

Blaming a disorder

I don't understand how Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder suddenly became cool. People have started self-diagnosing themselves saying, "I have OCD," for anything from liking their room tidy to playing songs in a certain order. Ever think maybe that's just your preference? I know it is a real disorder, but I Wikipediad it prior to writing this, so... Continue Reading →

stories from Denver #1

What I love about Denver is that it is a real city, complete with cabs, arenas, and hobos. To me, those three combined turns a town into a true city. That being said, I guess Omaha is merely a town in my eyes (although there is one hobo that lives out here on 144th/Center now,... Continue Reading →

catcall me, duty-free travel experiment

I was feeling like pretty hot stuff driving home tonight, as one of my Hispanic friends (I am beloved by the male Hispanic community, for the most part) hanged his head out the vehicle window while gaping at me for two straight miles on I-480 tonight. Right when I merged onto I-80 and he forked... Continue Reading →

best and worst celebrities

I'll admit, I do read the weekly celebrity rags each Friday evening. I know it doesn't really do me any good except help me answer the $2,000 question on "Who wants to be a millionaire" but we all have our guilty pleasures. As a result of years of research, I have compiled a list of... Continue Reading →

follicles, rubberneckers, my soap box

Now that summer is here (because there is no difference between spring and summer here in Omaha), I decided it was about time to shave my legs again. The hairs were beginning to look like apostrophes (the curly ones in Times New Roman, not the straight ones in Courier New). Completely unsexy, I know. But... Continue Reading →

top ten reasons I wanted a house

10. No more of these meth-head neighbors pestering me every time I come and go. Just because you hate the maintenance man doesn't mean I do, too. And I certainly hope your looks aren't contagious. 9. My yard will not be littered with feces, pet hair, and Milwaukee's Best cans. Just feces (from Tucker, just... Continue Reading →

gypsy lady

I woke up this morning to the sound of booming thunder. Lightening bolts flashed the sky to white, and I felt as if they were close enough to strike and burn our building to the ground. This was the first time I actually understood what rolling thunder meant, because as swiftly as it jolted me... Continue Reading →

beat down, furniture, argumentativeness

After finishing "the Curious case of Benjamin Button," I went outside to let Tucker relieve himself. We live on the third floor, and on the first floor, always out on her bench so we can never sneak by is our slightly neurotic neighbor. As she cooed over my dog, I felt compelled to share pleasant... Continue Reading →

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