Not a girl; not yet a woman

In sixth grade, all the other girls at church were already shaving their legs, so I looked like Chewbacca in comparison. The girls started calling me “Chicken Legs” as a result. I had enough and decided even though my parents thought I was too young to shave, clearly I was too old not to. I... Continue Reading →

crazy beadcraft

My favorite store to go to as a child was the fabric store. Mom used to sew a lot of our dresses for us, so she would spend hours looking at patterns, picking out fabrics, and getting just the right amount cut for her. in the mean time, amber and i entertained ourselves by going... Continue Reading →

one bad apple spoils the bunch

My first three semesters of college I attended Grace University here in Omaha on 10th/William. I also lived in the campus dorms. Grace had rules such as no tvs in the dorms, a guy can not be in a girl's room, and midnight curfew. I hated all the rules, but if I were to have... Continue Reading →

"it’s ok…i’m married"

There are varying views on marriage. I'm under the impression that once you're married, you 'got em,' so now you can relax and rest assured that no other wily woman is going to get her paws on your man. However, there are also the type that are jealous and worried, and not necessarily because they... Continue Reading →

August 26th, 27th, or 28th, 2006

My anniversary is either August 26th, 27th, or 28th. Whichever date, I know it's 2006, so that's something. I know most women know this, but there is a reason I'm unsure. We set a date, then changed it to get the Joslyn castle at half price (Sundays are cheaper for weddings, everyone). I know people... Continue Reading →

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