less is more

My dad used to tell me that the more you have, the more you need to spend as a result. I think this was a convenient catch phrase for him to use around Christmas and birthdays, and somehow always made me feel guilty about asking for things. Now that I buy everything with my own... Continue Reading →

3rd anniversery

My husband sent a dozen roses to my work. Here are a dozen reasons I love my husband: 1. He doesn’t complain if I don’t make the bed one day2. When I tell him I plan to buy clothes, he rationalizes it away by saying, “I buy booze.”3. He is passionate about everything he loves... Continue Reading →

bottle, Leo, baby

I was driving home today listening to my ipod on shuffle, and what are the odds that two songs in a row had the word, "bottle" in them? But you could hardly know it, because Kate Nash says it like "bah-ohl," and Julie Roberts says it like "bawwddle." I found myself pronouncing the word over... Continue Reading →

out with the old, in with the new

Last night, while I was washing the cars and Steve was mowing the lawn, our next door neighbor came and extended his hand across the fence. Nice gesture after two months of playing a game of hide-and-pretend-you-didn't-see-me-just-dash-inside. Our neighbor had a friend with him, who he introduced as Mike, the previous owner of our house.... Continue Reading →

garage sale

Things I’ve got rid of that I wish I still had:A set of books my grandma bought me and inscribed; rollerblades; bike with its attached speedometer; my educational reports I made purely for fun when I was homeschooled; my track sweats (although these were stolen – I refuse to believe I lost them or tossed... Continue Reading →

my spending vice

I have a problem with buying designer jeans on eBay. It's not yet to the point of needing an intervention, but I'm afraid I'm only a few pairs away. Currently, I'm waiting for the auction to get below two minutes so I can swoop in and bid (yes, I'm that buyer) on a great pair... Continue Reading →

witchy woman

If you don't already, after reading this blog you will think I am an asshole. Either quit reading now, or prepare to have your optimistic presuppositions bashed against a rock. I am no saint. On this morning's commute, rain was flooding the streets in a torrential downpour. My windshield wipers were back-and-forthing with such gusto... Continue Reading →

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