grammar school

So, college is worthless. Four years of English classes and when I tried to spell conniving today, it was so far off, even spell check didn't have any suggestions for me (kniving - which, yeah, now that I think about it, sounds like some sick suicide regimen). Luckily, my college roommate who knows much more... Continue Reading →

Lost and found

Found my debit card. It was between a bunch of career fair business cards in my purse. Sorry Hunter Parrish look alike. I'm glad I only glared at you and didn't scream and curse. Now I must wait 7-10 business days for a new card so I can spend money again. That's what I get... Continue Reading →

wish list

I love buying stuff. But I have to be careful. My husband is a frugal accountant. I would love to go on a giant shopping spree once a season and buy whatever I wanted and then wait until the next season to buy again. Instead, I must buy something here and something there, little things... Continue Reading →


There's an old men's tale that women grow up to be just like their moms. Guys would claim, "don't get married to a girl until you've seen what her mom looks like; she'll look just like that in 20 years." In this respect, I attracted a few guys. Well, maybe it was just my mom... Continue Reading →

Street of dreams

I went to the street of dreams with my sister tonight. It's a Pelesky girls tradition. We've been ogling houses, furniture, and decorations we can't afford since the beginning of time. OK, twist my arm. I would take this kitchen. And because I'm feeling generous, I will take this bar for Steve for the basement,... Continue Reading →

Monday night football

As I looked around the sports bar tonight, I realized I was the only woman there who wasn't wearing an apron. I'm no sports fanatic, but I would like to think the men don't hate it when I come along. Many women have no idea how to watch football without being annoying. There are ups... Continue Reading →

Mr. Campbell in 8D

Today on the plane didn't start out well. Steve was feeling terrible and as a result I had to be the responsible one, which would never be my first choice. Given any choice, the word "responsible" would never be used in conjunction with me in any situation. I gave Steve the window seat (I did... Continue Reading →

a night without armor

I love poems. I love knowing the deepest part of a person that is exposed through their poetry. I do not discriminate. I like all poets. Famous or not. You will laugh when you hear who one of my favorite poets is. Think of a pretty blond with crooked teeth. No, not the vampire from... Continue Reading →

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