contentment and carbs (one and the same)

What is it about the Olive Garden that I always run into someone I know? Tonight it was our realtor, apparently she moonlights there. I remember those days as if it was yesterday: running drinks and refilling endless soup, salad, and bread sticks. Although I don't miss that place with it's force-feeding of wine, I... Continue Reading →

Provocative Lego woman

If a picture is worth a thousand words, let this picture speak in lieu of me: I was searching Google images for a picture of something I used to make with Legos for a story, but I ran across this instead. Further proof that no matter what you type into Google images, some sort of... Continue Reading →

Big Lots boy

Or perhaps a more fitting title would be Big (balls) Lots (of nerve) boy. I was reminded of this incident after stopping into our local Big Lots on Saturday in our excitement after securing Amber's apartment. If you don't frequent Big Lots, that's probably because you think you're above it. And you probably are. I,... Continue Reading →

miami heat

I knew I made the right choice after we were married. On our honeymoon, we went to Miami (no, it's not coincidence that that's where Steve's favorite NFL team plays and there just happened to be a game [albeit pre-season] during our trip). I'm not a fan of heat and scorching sun, but Steve did... Continue Reading →

living alone, on your own

Today, my sister rented her first apartment all by herself, no roommates. And I'm very proud of her. I remember that day for me: when I finally got my own place. It was bare - no furniture at all for a few weeks before I went and opened a line of credit at Furniture Row.... Continue Reading →

chore time

Time to go through my old clothes again. I try to throw them out every time I run out of hangers. Too bad I've been skimping and using the dry cleaning hangers or buying a pack here and there just to get by (I sound like an addict). Time to file all of this mail... Continue Reading →

work hard, spend harder

I give up on this day. I worked much too hard. I did not play at all. My broken windshield wipers problem which I anticipated being a $15 fix cost $364. Who knew there was a such thing as a windshield wiper motor and that it could break? I ran, lifted weights, and did 500... Continue Reading →

movies and their ratings

Amber and I went to a movie at the theater in Blair, NE last night. We parked three steps away from the door. It was two steps through the lobby, and one step to the ticket seller/tearer. Four steps later, we were in our seats. Of course, we had to detour to the ATM as... Continue Reading →

bring on the guests!

Before:After:Rome wasn't built in a day, but this room was painted in one. You might not think that's a fair comparison, but perhaps I neglected to mention that I painted it myself. Two coats. Including edging and touch-ups. Oh, and a second run to Home Depot for another gallon of paint. And I now think... Continue Reading →

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