dog #2

I couldn't concentrate in church today. On anything, that is, except the dog in front of me. It was a lab, in training to be a seeing eye dog. I love labs.I've wanted a chocolate lab since I left home. Honey, I know what I want for Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I am happy... Continue Reading →

Adventures at Chipotle & Qdoba

Steve and I stopped at Chipotle to grab dinner after doing our Christmas and grocery shopping. When I came out with Steve's piping hot burrito, our car wouldn't start. So I asked a stranger for help. Just a quick jump, we have the cables, you just need to keep your car running. He said no.... Continue Reading →

Christmas spirit

There are very few days each year any more exciting than the one where I pull out all my Christmas decorations. I love wreaths. I have so many, this one had to be hung on the bathroom door. I love pine garland with lights in it. I love personal stockings. Oh, how I love everything... Continue Reading →


Right near my work, there is a sod farm. One of the only farms left in Omaha, and it is under I-80 right near these large corporate buildings which house thousands of people. It offers serenity, peace of mind in a way no man-made lake or fountain can. Some mornings, when I'm driving in, this... Continue Reading →

half marathon

So it's official. I'm running a half marathon. On January 17, 2010 I will run 13.1 miles in Phoenix, AZ. 21,097.5 meters. 20.96 kilometers. 13+7⁄64 miles. Wow. That sounds scary. I have registered online and bought my airline ticket. Now to train. Oh, to train. I'm a bit behind on that. In fact, I'm taking... Continue Reading →

optimistic musings

Ah, the Christmas spirit. When I was young, it was wrapping presents and listening to Bing Crosby on our Grafonola and reading the Bernstein Bears' Christmas Tree over and over. And how I wish it was still that. Now it's drawing names and price ranges and checking off lists and coveting. Yes, coveting. So hard... Continue Reading →

good, better, best

When I was a kid, my favorite place to go was dad's school. He would take us there after dinner, when no one was around save a janitor and a haggard-looking secretary. He would shoot hoops with Chad in the gymnasium while Amber and I would jump on stage and pretend we were being watched... Continue Reading →

mom’s visits ends

So my mom was extremely productive while (why do I feel that this should be "whilst"?) she was here. She told me that bath towels were not correct for towel-drying hands. You should use hand towels. I fought this until I had no fight left in me. I know it's not the correct use for... Continue Reading →

tight pants

Do you ever have a day when all day you dream of getting home from work if for no other reason than unbuttoning your pants? Because I do. I've been in these pants for 13 hours now and I'm surprised I haven't lapsed into cardiac arrest. These pants are t-ight! No, they're not some teeny... Continue Reading →

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