Dear Omahans

I'm copying this idea from Autumn, who also always has something to say. Dear bitch who works at the Costco membership counter,All I asked for was a coupon book, not your right arm. I don't know why you had to tell me that a) they weren't being mailed out until 2/4 so (b) you didn't... Continue Reading →


I know most of the toys they make these days are pretty much the same as what we had as kids. I see them in the stores - Fisher Price just updating their toys to be bigger so kids don't choke on them. When I was a kid, we had tons of toys. My mom... Continue Reading →

flash drive

I get flustered very easily. I lose my cool in about three seconds flat when I can't find something. Just ask Steve. He's seen it many times. At least once a week when I'm trying to leave for work, I've lost my keys or my gloves or my phone - and I voice it. I... Continue Reading →

best not to mention

Now I won't claim to be a great wife by any stretch of the imagination, but Steve seems to like me. Tonight he told me my realistic expectations of him was what he loved about me. Hopefully that's not it, but it's something nevertheless. We were having this conversation because he was watching the Vikings/Saints... Continue Reading →

umbilical cord

Today, I'm missing my daughter. I know you might think it's hard to miss someone you barely know and rarely see, but somehow I feel like I know her. I feel like she is me, only 22 years younger. I feel like we must have similar mindsets or mannerisms, the way every mother/daughter combo does... Continue Reading →

the clock is broken

There is this boy who has a crush on me. No, Steve's not jealous. The boy is four years old. Mason calls me things like, "my sweetest" and runs across the living room in record time when I show up at the front door. Today his mom told me that he said, "you're just a... Continue Reading →

half marathon

On Sunday, I ran my first half marathon. The first half was a breeze. I ran the first seven miles w/o stopping, making pretty good time. But the second you stop, it's hard to start back up. You'd think once you've completed more than half, what's left is easy, but it's the exact opposite. I... Continue Reading →

epiphanies #6

Why does Geico have so many mascots? I'm so annoyed about it. Pick one and stick to it. It seems like Geico has so much more to offer than they really do w/all these different commercials. Is there a reason we load planes by row clusters? Inevitably, someone has to move into the aisle to... Continue Reading →

Seat 15A

I'm not a parent, so I'm really not one to criticize someone's parenting style, but maybe you parents can tell me if this is bizarre to you. I flew to Phoenix and back this weekend (half marathon - I'll blog about that later when my body and mind isn't so tired of it), and was... Continue Reading →

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