I have never been able to figure out what all the men in the navy do. I can figure out the army and air force, as they pretty much run their own villages and do things with guns and planes. But the navy? What on earth can a bunch of men be doing on a... Continue Reading →

overrated assets

Every woman who doesn't have large boobs wants them. Every woman who does have large boobs wishes they were smaller. I am a part of the latter group. I really don't see what all the fuss is about w/breasts, anyway. Must they be large? Does that make them better? Because really, either way, they're just... Continue Reading →

Spring Thaw

It's under a month until the official start of Spring. I have never been more ready for a season to end in my life. I really do love the change of seasons. I love how the year cycle emulates life. But this winter has been dragging on, reminding me only of the end of life,... Continue Reading →

sound the alarm

Yesterday, we got an alarm system installed. Now I feel like we should be rich. When I was a kid, no one had alarm systems. Most of us didn't even lock our doors. In fact, sometimes I would go down into our basement and some neighbor kid was standing there. We didn't have a fence... Continue Reading →

chicken legs

In elementary school, I fit the stereotype for homeschoolers. I was awkward looking with buck teeth and freckles, I wore hand-me-down and homemade (by my mom, not me, thankfully) clothes, and I could recite 132 Bible verses in four days at Neighborhood Bible Time. I'm sure I was mocked relentlessly behind my back. Luckily, there... Continue Reading →

beyond the tree

There are many things I don't like about myself. Dozens actually. Maybe hundreds, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. One thing in particular I can't stand about myself is how nearsighted I am (confession: I just had to google that. I always confuse nearsighted w/farsighted, even though it should be pretty self-explanatory). I don't... Continue Reading →

cashing in coupons

Confession: I am terrified of driving in the snow. I'm not from a snowy area. Give me ten inches of rain that floods the streets and I'd be fine, but give me a centimeter of snow and I begin to hyperventilate. I have a very loyal husband that offers to drive me to work when... Continue Reading →

My Valentine

My Valentine's day was low-key, which is exactly what I prefer. Steve made me a breakfast burrito this morning, then we worked in the basement. We had dinner reservations at Spezia, a nice Italian restaurant that neither of us has ever been to. We looked at the menu online and decided we'd rather go to... Continue Reading →

blog therapy

I'm nearing 200 posts and one year of blogging. I started my blog when I was unemployed and liked to fill my days with something other than Judge Mathis. I guess I didn't think much more of it than that. But it's done something for me this last year. It's reminded me what it's like... Continue Reading →

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