free and frolicking

Yesterday, I went for a run. I went for a run that was meant to be leisurely, but when my iPod died two miles in, the last seven miles weren't as leisurely. But my misfortune did force me to be more attentive to everything around me. I saw leaves that should have been raked up... Continue Reading →

Business or pleasure

I can finally say, "for business."Not that they ask anymore, but back in the day, when you traveled via air, they asked the purpose of your flight, "business or pleasure?" I remember as a teenager wanting to add a third option of "mission trip" because I really wasn't sure which category that fell into. Anyway,... Continue Reading →

pink, library, huck finn

Confession: I like Pink. Not the color, but the pop rock girl that acts dikey but has a husband (or an ex-husband, I'm not completely sure). I know everyone hates her, so it might surprise you that I closetedly (up until this point) enjoy her. I know, I know, I hate everything. Not Pink. When... Continue Reading →

wings, pits, epilepsy

Tonight, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for what used to be 25¢ wings. It wasn't that long ago: I was in college. Well, this shows you how out of control inflation has become: wings now cost 45¢ each. As a special price on Tuesday nights only. I am becoming that old woman who says... Continue Reading →

pool table

Yesterday, two men arrived to piece together our pool table. Apparently a pool table is nothing like buying a couch: it doesn't arrive already put together and able to be put anywhere you'd like it. Silly me for thinking it would. My presence was requested to see exactly the location the professionals had deemed the... Continue Reading →

Here comes life

First day of Spring in OmahaFirst day of Spring: here comes life. P.S. Does anyone know what kind of flowers these buds will turn out to be?

blogger turned famous

I smiled today when I read about Ree's blog being turned into a movie. Not that I read Pioneer Woman anyway (I probably would if the title wasn't "Pioneer Woman"), but because a blog is being turned into a movie. It shows you that blogs aren't always just boring shit about meaningless lives. I mean,... Continue Reading →

sixty degrees and sunny

Today is sixty degrees and sunny. Sixty degrees. Sunny. I was beginning to think I would never see days like this again. Everyone I interviewed today was fantastic. Not a one of them made me grit my teeth or yawn with my mouth closed whilst they spoke. They provided lunch for us at our meeting.... Continue Reading →

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