names in a hat is so old-fashioned

I meant to blog sooner, but after Saturday's post, I was so motivated to clean myself up. I just now finished shaving.Today was my annual doctor's visit. It is a bit disturbing how the more you read my blog, the more sordid details you find out about me. But you've come this far, no sense... Continue Reading →

Let it go, bring it back

Year's flossing compacted into two hoursOne of the many perks of having a bona fide job (rather than being a contractor) is having health and dental insurance again. I enjoy both discounts on birth control and my teeth feeling clean. Yesterday was my first time in a dentist chair in the past year. And let... Continue Reading →

Thank God they were converted to DVDs

Steve and I share an appreciation for older movies. Not the black and whites, but the movies from the sixties to early nineties that were all the rage during our childhoods. Tonight, we were watching Mr. Mom for the umpteenth time (it really is that good). We talked about how the movies from back then... Continue Reading →

Stupid questions

"There are no stupid questions." I hate that quote. Because people believe it. It's erroneous.I crossed state lines today to attend the closest thing to education I've had in the last five years. OK, so crossing state lines doesn't mean much since I live on a border town, so minus a point for that, but... Continue Reading →


Often I say out loud, "what should I blog about?" to whoever is around (strangers included). Now that I've blogged for well over a year, I've said most of what I imagined saying in my blog. But I still want to write something. And I have eight whole readers who I would hate to leave... Continue Reading →


Not as bad as it looksI hate condiments. I always have. Ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, soy sauce, even salad dressing. Basically, if it comes in a bottle and sits on the fridge door shelf, I hate it.However, if it comes in a jar, it could be a different story (I know, I'm complicated). Mayonnaise has... Continue Reading →

outrunning nature

I love to run between 8pm & 9pm. I like racing the darkness home. With every flicker from a lazy streetlight, my pace quickens. When headlight beams illuminate, I break into my sprint.Tonight I started late: 8:45. But considering this is one of the longest days of the year, it still wasn't too late. My... Continue Reading →

Must read list

I was perusing through books at Half Price Books, one of my favorite places, when I happened upon a book of books to read (how many times can I use "book" in one sentence?). It had 500 books that will supposedly change your life. Or flatten a spider, seeing some of them to be huge... Continue Reading →

missing links

Sometimes it's hard to believe that all these memories I have are my own. That I lived this much of life. I've been a child, and adolescent, an adult. I've been single, I've dated, and I'm married. I've had roommates and lived alone. Jobs have come and gone as my interest ebbed and flowed. I've... Continue Reading →

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