The Big C

Steve has been watching The Big C and telling me I'd probably like it. "No I won't," I reply. "I won't like a show about Cancer." I can think of a few other words (some expletives) that start with "C" that I would watch a show about, but Cancer is definitely not one of them.... Continue Reading →

retail me

I got a Banana Republic credit card the other day. I love Banana Republic. And Gap. Besides those two places, I only buy clothes online and occasionally at JCPenney (I know it's for old women, but I park there so while walking through the store I stop and buy something). Steve told me I could... Continue Reading →

good hammock gone bad

What do you think, should we switch lawn care services?This is today's aerating job gone south (well, actually north).In addition to hating Heartland Lawns, I hate how it gets dark so early. This picture was taken before I had even eaten dinner. I guess it's time to hop back on the treadmill after logging 500... Continue Reading →

birthday, wax, boycott

Today my husband is 29 years old. This means that I have known him for over 8 years. I remember spending his 21st birthday with him in the Old Market Lofts at a tenant roof party we weren't invited to. Steve won an accent wall that we later gave to an actual tenant. Next, we... Continue Reading →

starting school

Can you believe that Gracie started Kindergarten today? Neither can I.What did it feel like to first start school? I still remember, of course, since it happened in tenth grade. But before that, I did have elementary school memories with my two classmates; Chad, Amber and I all had desks packed in tightly together against... Continue Reading →


Having a sitemeter on my blog allows me to see who is reading my blog. Well, names of the computer owners don't actually come up (but it would be pretty sweet if they did), but I can see from what part of the world my viewers are from and how they found my page. Usually... Continue Reading →

vanity plates

The idiocy that is vanity platesI was behind a red car yesterday with a vanity plate of "STMP LDY." I was imagining the driver: a short woman without feet. What else could that mean but "Stump Lady"? While trying to imagine how she pushed the accelerator and brake pedals, I read her license plate frame:... Continue Reading →

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