I know I'm not that old, but seeing kids these days, I feel older than I am. My nephew is four and can navigate an iTouch better than I can. Seeing how much has changed since I've been alive makes me wonder how different things will be ten years from now. I mean, remember:1. When... Continue Reading →

before i hate it…

Winter blew in yesterday. Tucker and I were on our daily walk because neither of us is ready to let it go yet. The wind blew his beard like he was on the cover of Glamour. I gloved up for the occasion. At the post office today, the distinctive smell of a heater just-turned-on-for-the-first-time-after-the-summer-months filled... Continue Reading →

wedding hells bells

On Saturday, pre-glass-slinging, my recently-engaged sister and I went shopping for wedding dresses part II. We drove to some fancy place in Lincoln where they told her they don't make appointments, just come on in. We got there and had to take off our shoes. Strike one for me. I hate being brought down to... Continue Reading →

shattered glass

Being a birth mother is not easy. It is emotionally exhausting enough on its own already. Every day you think about it and try to push it away. But always, it's there. It's a part of you that never remains in the past as some other things do. Then you throw a couple people who... Continue Reading →

Spider kids

As a kid, I was one of the lucky Christian homeschoolers that could observe Halloween without rotting in hell. Well, we'll see about the consequences later, I guess. Anyway, we didn't have a lot of money, so every year we made a costume out of things around the house (see picture from last year's Halloween... Continue Reading →

Leaf me be

Today, while raking up six yard waste bags and three trash cans worth of leaves, I wondered what apartment rent prices were running these days. Having a house can be such a pain in the ass sometimes. So I forced myself to think of a happier memory: like the day we first came and saw... Continue Reading →

Time ain’t on your side

On Saturday night, on our way home from Worlds of Fun not two miles from our house, Steve and I saw the wreckage of a terrible accident that had just happened. "Drunk driver," I had muttered. That's a real problem around here. I don't like to drive anywhere past 10 pm for that very reason.Yesterday,... Continue Reading →

guilt cookies

In an effort to lose one of these chins by the time I fly back home for Christmas, on Saturday I decided I would change. I decided I would work out more and eat less sweets. Sunday I went for a long run. Yesterday, I didn't drink a root beer float and I didn't eat... Continue Reading →

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