a little coast left in me

In a conversation, I heard myself refer to I-80 as "the interstate." Oh God, I thought, it's happening. After five years of my waning resistance, Nebraska is eking it's way into my personality. I've always been proud of the geographical location of my upbringing, but I'm afraid regardless of it, I'm turning into a Midwesterner.... Continue Reading →

O Tannenbaum

Over the weekend, Steve's grandpa told me about the first outdoor Christmas tree. I thought about it today while I trimmed my indoor one. Before these lights that are such a hassle, they had candles on the trees. Just when I think modern conveniences aren't convenient, I realize the alternative is a fire waiting to... Continue Reading →

DDs without a bra: must be fake

Apparently there is a new gym in town. We have tons of gyms around here which is surprising because most everyone in the midwest is fat. Although I'm sure that's how gyms make their money: off the fat people who buy memberships and don't use them. The skinny marathon runners that are damaging the gym... Continue Reading →

the big tearjerker

I've praised the Big C before. It's only been one season, but it has to be one of the most thoughtful shows ever made. I know a lot of people don't have premium tv channels and haven't seen it, so if that's you, watch this final scene in the finale episode.This scene and this song... Continue Reading →

piling up treasure

So I did it. I read those five library books within my three week time frame to show the bitchy librarian I could. Sure, I finished the last one in the parking lot next to the book drop today; I need a deadline so I can push right up against it. I think this is... Continue Reading →

vote veto

Around here, there is a petition going around to recall our mayor. People aren't happy with his tax hikes and general weaselness. It's on the radio, it's on signs in the neighborhoods, and worst of all, it's harassing me. I can't go anywhere without being asked, "are you a registered Omaha voter?" by some crazy... Continue Reading →

read someone else

Last night it snowed. Steve and I watched out the window together as the snow swirled under the streetlights. We ordered Jimmy John's because I don't drive in snow (instead, I force other people to). I finished a book in bed while Steve watched comedies downstairs. I wrote a poem inspired by the children playing... Continue Reading →

save me from myself

People get married for all sorts of different reasons.The most common reasons I've come across are:1. Dual income/benefits (this includes marrying for U.S. citizenship)2. Already have a child together3. Come from an ultra religious family and think a marriage certificate is the only way to have sex without rotting in hell4. Want to start a... Continue Reading →

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