collars, buttons, laces

Confession: I have a new obsession. It's buying stuff. That part is not new, I've always loved some good retail therapy. But now I'm buying baby clothes like they're going to stop making them as of December 31st. This baby isn't even born, he doesn't have a crib or a bottle or one of those... Continue Reading →

sanity-retrieving rituals

I came home tonight from a long stressful day of work on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I'm a nervous kind of person - that's what they used to call nearly-insane people before they had titles for them like "bipolar" and "manic" and "depressed."I haven't felt myself lately. I can always tell when I'm... Continue Reading →

giving thanks

Since every blogger in the world is writing about what they're thankful for, maybe I should, too. Not because I'm a band wagoner, but because I never really do stop and think of what I'm thankful for. I'm much more likely to bitch about what I'm ungrateful about. But in the spirit of holiday cheer,... Continue Reading →

our baby has an identity

Since the day we found out we were expecting, Steve and I began picking out boy names. But let me back that up even further: since I was a girl, I didn't imagine my perfect wedding, instead I imagined my perfect family which consisted of a loving husband and me and two boys. The only... Continue Reading →


It's that time of year again: the time when I read The Catcher in the Rye and start saying "god damn" in every god damn sentence. Every year when I read it, I want to start writing in J.D. Salinger style. So tonight I wrote this:Up until a year ago, I drove a yellow 1990... Continue Reading →


I am one feisty pregnant woman. I'm always feisty. But being hormonal gives me an even bigger attitude. Just what I need. I am the only person you know who would get in a fight with the McDonald's manager at the drive-thru window. My friend and I wanted ice cream, and since my first love,... Continue Reading →


I had some bitchy, snarky things to say, some complaints to make which have been welling up inside of me. I have been pretty irritable and it doesn't take much to set me off these days. But while I was sitting on the couch, watching tv, Steve came and sat down, holding the free American... Continue Reading →

bully disease

It's only October 3rd and I'm ready to declare, "I'm aware of breast cancer." I'm aware of it without needing to see pink ribbons everywhere and pink cleats on NFL players and yogurt tops and "race for the cure" and "Susan B. Komen foundation" on T-shirts and signs and buses. I'm aware of breast cancer... Continue Reading →

Drink/personality chart

I want a margarita. An icy cold, blended, flavored margarita. I only drink socially, never alone, so imagine my sudden longing for booze when I was invited to happy hour despite my condition. I'm still going. I will go and eat cheese balls because I enjoy the conversation, even without the booze that makes it... Continue Reading →

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