army of tweaked mes

There are very few people who I can always be completely myself around. There are a handful of people who accept me and like me for who I already am. They don't expect me to be more like them or to agree with them or to act more pious or politically correct. But with everyone... Continue Reading →

My 43

While looking for something else entirely, I was side tracked by these lists people were making online to describe themselves using 43 words. So here are my 43:1. Moody2. Unpunctual3. Procrastinator4. Impatient5. Judgmental6. Passionate7. Poetic8. Determined9. Opinionated10. Hospitable11. Learning12. Honest13. Wife14. Curious15. Inquisitive16. Observant17. Homebody18. Pensive19. Reader20. Writer21. Loyal22. Creative23. Empathetic24. Resourceful25. Decisive26. Expressive27. Sarcastic28.... Continue Reading →

Sexless appeal

I noticed my legs were a bit grizzly yesterday before hopping into the shower. So I thought to myself, well maybe I should shave. But it's January and we have about a foot of freshly fallen snow I need to shovel and then I thought of the legs, really, why bother? And don't give me... Continue Reading →

so long, farewell

Last Friday I said "goodbye" to someone very dear to me. Only now am I able to talk about it, after having a week to process the departure. I was always comforted and offered a hot meal when I was there. I was given gifts even when it wasn't my birthday. We got tipsy from... Continue Reading →

ID for dogs

Look what came in the mail today:Apparently dogs have ID cards now. I know actual humans who can't board airplanes because they don't have identification, but my DOG has a laminated card with all his essential stats on it. What is he supposed to do with it? Put it in his dog wallet in his... Continue Reading →

moldy cheese

I'm not much of a cook in the kitchen. So my job to help out is shredding cheese. And occasionally slicing tomatoes. Today, I was about to grate our cheese block when I saw mold. Just one little spot. I made the mistake of saying something to Steve. Now to understand this blog post, you'll... Continue Reading →

terrible advertising

Saw this ad today in my celebrity rag.Is it just me, or do the "before" and "after" pictures look the exact same?Well, maybe not exactly the same. She straightened her hair and got an even tan in the second picture.If you need straighter hair and an even tan, buy Slimquick!

defining yourself

I've often wondered what happens to emotions that are never recognized: the tears and laughter we never allow to escape. The feelings we push down as soon as they come up, not allowing them to exist. The ideas we have that nothing becomes of, the dreams unpursued, the fleeting thoughts that are never contemplated like... Continue Reading →

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