25 things

25 things you don't know about meor maybe you do - that all depends on how well you know me. 1. I still have all my wisdom teeth2. I collected basketball cards as a kid3. Ten years of homeschool is the secret of my brilliance (is "homeschool" one word or two?)4. I have seen every... Continue Reading →

tasteless parties

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I don't do parties that sell shit. I don't go to candle or jewelry or food or makeup or any other parties that try to lure you in with the promise of appetizers. I don't believe in preying on the easy sell of a woman who feels... Continue Reading →

grinding away

This girl has some lofty ambitions. And all of them center around not having to work anymore. I would love to be able to wake up each day when I want, decide what I want to do. Maybe I'd write, maybe I'd read an entire book, maybe I'd kill three hours shopping for things I... Continue Reading →


With each year of marriage that passes, dating life slips further and further from my memory. Going on dates is a thing of the past, for the most part. But I keep all of the memory I can of when Steve and I weren't married, just were together.The time when people are pursuing each other,... Continue Reading →

hoarders in the making

Objects around the house that tell you you're dangerously close to ending up on that show "Hoarders":1. Puzzle glue2. A TV guide (made out of glossy paper)3. Multiple colors of that ribbon you curl with scissors4. Expiration dates B.Y. (Before Y2K)5. Pet items if you don't have a pet6. Clothes in a mending pile are... Continue Reading →

out of focus

Yesterday's post reminded me of something I wrote five years ago. I plastered it onto the front page of my photo album, which I searched the house high and low to find. I just found it a minute ago, next to all my other pictures, where it would logically be. I didn't even think to... Continue Reading →

woman without a memory

My memory blows. It's terrible. People will recall memories they had with me and I'll say, "wait, was I there?" I can't remember anything. Most of the memories I do have were actually told to me by someone else; I myself can't remember it ever happening. I remember vague outlines, but few specific details. Or... Continue Reading →

losers cause excessive profanity

Let me bitch. I had a long day. I don't bitch enough considering my blog title. I could spout "fuck" non-stop for three straight weeks and still not catch up on the venting that has built up inside of me. So here's something that really pisses me off: blog commenters who write of how they... Continue Reading →

looks good on paper

Resume bullet points are often usually always bullshit. People use words like “analyze” and “monitor” because it sounds impressive; whereas if they really listed what they did at their job, it would look more like this: Clock inScreen phone callsPlay Yahoo gamesGet coffee for a pick-me-upMinimize my internet windows when the boss comes aroundTake a... Continue Reading →

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