accidental chemistry

My theory on relationships, and how you know you've found the right one:Before being in love, we have expectations. We think things will or should be a certain way when we're in love.You might envision perfect dates of strolling down a street lit up by Christmas lights while sipping hot cocoa and talking about your... Continue Reading →

cactus arms

There is something I read over at simply freckles many months ago that I haven't forgotten: "...I desperately needed to share it, catalog it, and keep it where I can always find it. in my collection of pretty lil nothings."That is what my blog is. Whether it's nothing or whether it's something, anything I... Continue Reading →

Déjà Vu Déjà Vu

Do you ever feel like you've run out of things to say? Every day I talk to the same people. We talk about generally the same things. With my co-workers, we talk about work and the people there. With family, we talk about sad or funny things that happened before and people we all know.... Continue Reading →

old people don’t scoop poop

One thing I've quickly learned living amongst the elderly (I know it sounds like I live in a nursing home, but quite to the contrary: I live amongst the still-independents) is that the older you get, the more money you spend on services, rather than products. Personally, I'd rather have three DVR boxes than have... Continue Reading →


Today is Erica's birthday, I thought to myself this morning in the shower. Which was a weird thought to pop into my head because Erica was my best friend when I was in fifth grade. 18 years ago, we were friends who would play Monopoly until one of us had all the $100 and $500... Continue Reading →

grabby grubs or grubby grabs

Sometimes on Sundays, dad, a sibling or two, and I would ride our bikes to the nearby high school. There they had grates instead of door mats: gum, loose change, and a blanket of pine needles would fall into them. Pine needles are all over everything where I'm from. It's a good thing I don't... Continue Reading →

crystal globe

My favorite birthday present. Although I don't live in bustling NYC, I like to dream I do. I dream that I chop up my car for scrap metal and walk or take taxis or the subway to get where I'm going. I dream of running in Central Park. I dream of shopping at Saks Fifth... Continue Reading →

ageism, Peeping Toms, abacus

More Google searches that lead to my blog:1. Would you mow the lawn unasked of a 75 year old neighbour? First off, let me justify the needless "u" in the last word, because this hit came from Australia. They can throw "u"s into anything and be excused.Secondly: hell no, I wouldn't! Have you met me?... Continue Reading →

Facebook "friends"

I got on Facebook to see the latest boring "news" with people I once knew, a couple of whom I called friends. Someone ate chili tonight, someone else isn't feeling good, someone is following DMB all over the world, someone's cat died, someone lost a bet, someone hates their job. Twelve other people are bitching,... Continue Reading →

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