campus tour

With a college friend back in town, we took a trip to the place we met. We roamed the hallways, the library, the gym. It all came flooding back to us: memories of our early adulthood. The looks of some things changed (very few, but a few), but the smells all remained the same. I... Continue Reading →


Maybe I'd prefer movies if...1. The same actors didn't play different characters. When I read a book, I imagine this character as unique. But then when the book becomes a movie, they have Matthew McConaughey play the character, and I'll I can see now is his shirtless body in a role that definitely requires a... Continue Reading →

drive-thru breakfast

On the weekends, Steve and I make a big breakfast and eat it together. Breakfast burritos, pancakes, omelettes, something like that. It's one of the cutesy couple things we do together: you know, one of those things that people not in a couple say, "awww" to out of complete nausea.But on days when we're out... Continue Reading →

silent rain

There are attributes of myself I hate. There are personality traits I wish I didn't have. But the wish isn't quite strong enough for me to really focus on changing it. I've become pretty set in my ways, which is dangerous at my young age.But maybe if it's out there floating in cyberspace, I will... Continue Reading →

pursuit of happiness

In loving somebody, you realize your own shortcomings. And in loving that person, you want to become someone better for them.You become a better person by curtailing urges, impulses, and addictions with self-control. By trading in your selfish "it's all about me" mentality for one that includes the word "us." That means thinking beyond yourself... Continue Reading →

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