help wanted

I have such an inflated sense of my work ethic that every time I see a Help Wanted sign, I think the establishment wants me. They don't want help, they want Holly. The sign makes me consider quitting my job so I can go work at Runza/Scooters/Bag N Save and revolutionize their company. With me... Continue Reading →

same postal code

Tonight, I was asked if I am happy."For the most part," I answered."That means 'no'," he replied,"Life is black or white.""No," I argued,"Life is shades of gray."But even as I said it,I thought, what if he is right?What if everything can be reduceddown to a "yes" or "no" answerand all of this reasoningin the graysis... Continue Reading →

splitting assets

I need encouragement. I'm taking a stab at writing a book, after talking about it for years and years. Read a page and give me some feedback. Any feedback. I have to start somewhere.I lifted my downcast eyes and snuck a look at my husband, soon to be ex-husband. He was watching our two lawyers... Continue Reading →

old songs and poems

Once upon a time, I lived alone; I lived in a one bedroom apartment by myself. My friend and I went shopping at Furniture Row where I opened up a credit card and bought dark wood furniture for all three of my rooms. It took six weeks for the furniture to come in, so until... Continue Reading →

carnie guesses

There are things I can turn down: saunas, gym memberships, mani/pedis and chocolate chip bacon cookies are in this category.Then there are things that I can't turn down: a trip to the bookstore, a nap, reality tv, and premium coffee are in this category. Premium coffee is a real vice of mine. In my personal... Continue Reading →


I've come to hate small talk.It means two people have nothing to talk about. But to mask that, they have pointless chatter, most commonly about the weather, but it doesn't have to be. Sometimes it's other observations. I hate small observation talk. Most commonly, it's something like, "you got a haircut." What are you supposed... Continue Reading →

my new car smells

It finally happened.I got a new car.After seven years of driving a salvaged car without air conditioning, you would think I would be ecstatic the day I traded the bucket of bolts in for a newer model.But I wasn't.I cried.I fucking cried! Full out red eyes, red nose, sniffles.The salesman came back from negotiating with... Continue Reading →

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