working hard or hardly working

Steve watched Brandon for a few hours on Saturday while I went into work to complete my quarterly reports. It felt good being back at work, even though no one was there to chat with. I can't believe I've missed work. I thought I'd be like Ron Livingston on Office Space for these three months,... Continue Reading →

diaper problems

Is it just me or does he look much older than 3 weeks? Sometimes I look at his face and swear I'm looking at a much older child. He's our little Benjamin Button.He's peeing through clothes again. Or so I thought. Turns out, he only pees through diapers that I put on him, so Steve... Continue Reading →

onesie step for mankind

Anytime Brandon leaves the house, he's wearing a onesie. And why, I thought to myself while snapping today's on, don't adults? Personally, I could handle never seeing a man's hairy plumber's crack or a young woman's hot pink thong or a slightly chubby girl's muffin top between her low rise jeans and too-tight tank top.... Continue Reading →

NFL draft day

Happy NFL draft!Now if only we were fans of a less shitty team. I guess it could be worse. We could be Colts fans. I always have Fantasy Football to look forward to (although my record was even worse than the Dolphins).I actually miss Football Sundays. If you'd had told me six years ago that... Continue Reading →

heads up

Little Boy Brandon and mommy went to her work today. It was nice to have some adult conversation about work gossip and something other than Brandon's sleep schedule (although that was discussed, too, as expected of any new parent).When we got home, we did some tummy time on the Boppy. Sure, it wasn't floor level,... Continue Reading →

must be held

I used to wonder why stay-at-home moms would hire nannies. After yesterday, I understand. It's so they can take showers and make the bed and do the laundry. It's so they can get a coffee when their heads are pounding and check their email and work out.Every day I want to at least make the... Continue Reading →

man about town

 Our little man about town. We dressed him in in actual shirt and pants four days last week since we left the house with him that many times. At home he just wears sleep n' plays for easier diaper changing.  He does a whole lot of scowling, but I think it's cute. He sleeps with... Continue Reading →

neglected boy

My poor neglected dog. Nearly six years now he has been our baby. He sleeps with us at night, we walk him every day. He gets a bone every Thursday. I buy him new toys frequently from Target. He cuddles with us on the couch while we watch tv each night. He is one of... Continue Reading →

elevator eyes from Chubs

Today I got my first post-baby body check out. Granted, it was by a chubby cook at Smashburger. He had a pleasant face, but certainly wasn't my ideal ogler. It would have been better for my self-esteem had a dimpled frat boy with muscular arms eyeballed me. But I guess any elevator eyes are better... Continue Reading →

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