My first parental panic attack happened yesterday. It occurred concurrently with Steve's. And I provoked it. For no reason. It all started with this:  I was taking my daily pictures of Brandon. Then I flipped through "review" mode to see how they looked pre-edits. That's when I noticed a gigantic bruise on the side of... Continue Reading →


 One of the (few) exciting things about being an adult is being able to make your own traditions. You can carry on some from your parents - the ones you liked (not the pecan pies at Thanksgiving), then add your own as well once you have your own family. I don't have many traditions yet.... Continue Reading →

Thankful to live after Y2K

How did moms ever survive before the internet? How did they know how to raise a child without being able to type their question into Google? In the past seven weeks I have Googled a litany of stupid baby questions. Without mom forums and message boards and Youtube how to videos, I wouldn't have a... Continue Reading →

making it work

 This weekend, I was able to do the things I used to do before I had a baby. I read, I did a puzzle. I took a bath. I got my hair done. I went to dinner and a movie with Steve, courtesy of his parents watching Brandon for us. We went grocery shopping together... Continue Reading →


It might have been a little overly-ambitious of me to go clothes shopping six weeks after giving birth. Maternity pants are too loose and regular pants are too tight, so I figured I'd pick up a few items for myself. I didn't anticipate the dressing rooms. I hate trying clothes on. I abhor it. But... Continue Reading →

junior accountant

Brandon went to dad's work today. He dressed in his accountant finest. Of course we'd love for him to be a pro football player, but I'm a realist. He's the son of an Accounting Manager and an Unemployment Specialist. I am fully expecting him to end up a corporate lackey with the rest of us.... Continue Reading →

driving miss daisy

  I used to think those drivers you get behind who are going 20 mph under the speed limit were all high. I thought they all smoked a bong full of weed and were super-paranoid so they were driving like blue hairs. But yesterday I realized that some of them aren't high, they're first-time mothers. I... Continue Reading →

bald is not beautiful

Brandon is balding!  Before (3 weeks) After (5 weeks) If you know about my shallowness pickiness with men in the past, you know my three bugaboos:1. Short 2. Red hair3. Bald or balding I would never date a man with any of those three characteristics. Could my own son end up with all three to spite... Continue Reading →

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