stigma of adopted children

Allow me to take a break from my incessant Brandon updates and hop atop a soap box for an evening.Tonight's topic: how much I hate the negative stigma adoption is given socially or in the media.I first remember adoption having a negative connotation from the Baby-Sitters Club book, Claudia and the Great Search. In a... Continue Reading →

daycare day

Brandon and I right before heading to daycare. I wasn't as much of a mess as I thought. I mean, of course I teared up. The daycare ladies were prepared with a "first day survival kit," containing, most importantly, kleenex. My tears had dried by the time I made it to work. I brought in a... Continue Reading →

flip flops, dimple, new cousin

Summer is here! Well, it's been here for quite awhile now, really since before Brandon was born. He has a lot of summer clothes, but I really don't understand why they even make shorts and flip flops for babies because they're always cold and bundled up. Probably just because they're cute. I put Brandon in... Continue Reading →

dress up

There are hardships that accompany motherhood that prior to having children, no one tells you about. It's as if all mothers have taken an oath of secrecy: to not to disclose the unpleasantries to potential parents in an effort to keep the earth populated. The only unpleasantry allowed to be discussed is sleepless nights. We... Continue Reading →

fun with baby

Being a mom isn't just a drag like some parents make it out to be. I've had some fun with this kid - watching him grow and learn has been my entertainment - it has to be: daytime TV sucks. Here are some of my favorite things so far:1. Brandon is the dirtiest between his... Continue Reading →

ten weeks

 Can you believe how much he's changed in ten weeks? It's hard to believe how quickly he's grown. (I didn't pose either of these pictures - he just likes putting his fist on his chin)My baby is a little man. More about that tomorrow. Steve and I just got season 4 of Breaking Bad and... Continue Reading →

mama’s boy

Brandon is becoming a mama's boy. I think it's adorable. Steve doesn't. I went out for drinks with my friend last night, and checked my phone halfway through. There were texts from Steve:"Won't stop crying"...and 15 minutes later:"Asleep!"The same thing happened when I went for a run (my first run in a year - it... Continue Reading →

pieces of me

Anyone who has known me the last seven years might have worried about my emotional state after having a baby; worried that I would be plagued with post-partum depression. I myself worried that. I compiled a list of books to get if that were to happen. I mentally prepared myself for baby blues. For the... Continue Reading →

two more weeks of only mommy

 When did my little baby get so big? He doesn't look like a newborn anymore. He's a hefty 15 pounds and thinks he's independent. He plays on his piano gym while I do pilates. He tries to hold his bottle himself. He even almost sleeps through the night (midnight-6am). He doesn't fit into the crook... Continue Reading →

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