Brandon learns to make noise

It's official. We are a family with home videos. I know those families get a lot of shit, but back off. My child  will be able to see what he acted like when he was a baby. And I'm sure he's going to love seeing himself on the tv, seeing how much he loves himself... Continue Reading →

sleepless in omaha

Last night was my first sleepless night in a long time. Now don't get me wrong, I have been awake with this baby for certain periods every night. But for the last two months or so, he's spoiled me by eating and then falling back asleep. In 30 minutes, I'm back in bed. The days... Continue Reading →

blast from the past

Today I found my first blog post ever. It was a livejournal account that I completely forgot about and assumed closed itself down. I didn't know livejournal still existed. I thought it closed down once myspace and Facebook took over people rambling on about themselves. But this morning, I received a nice surprise in my... Continue Reading →

big ups

I think the next milestone for Brandon is sitting up. So I'm propping him up all over the place. I'm an overachiever by nature, so I want my baby to be more advanced than other kids his age. I saw a two-month old in the Bumbo at daycare and I said, "are you putting Brandon... Continue Reading →

sick psych, baths, bumbo

 This week marked a rite of passage for this new mom - taking my son to the doctor when nothing was wrong. The daycare ladies freaked me out by saying he wasn't himself lately, and he had been eating less and sleeping more. Last week he had a cough. I felt kind of ridiculous, explaining... Continue Reading →

old car new home

I was driving home from work, sweating in my car when something caught my eye. A '98 Saturn SC1. A black one. Just like the one I used to have. There aren't many of those on the road anymore, so I immediately waxed nostalgic about my old one. This one was identical. Except for the... Continue Reading →

Mr. Independent

 Hope you all had a Happy 4th of July. July 4th marked 3 months from Brandon's birthday. We weighed and measured him for his baby book. 16.2 lbs, 26 inches. It's hard to believe he used to be half this weight. I've struggled with him being in daycare a little. He has a cough now,... Continue Reading →

first to go

Week one of being a working mother completed. I must say - it is exhausting. I wake up at 6am now. I shower, feed the baby, bathe and clothe him, groom and dress myself, eat breakfast, then drop him off at daycare. I go to work where I am frantically trying to learn my new... Continue Reading →

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