on the move

Baby on the move! He can't get far, but he can move from where you last placed him. No more leaving him on the changing table while I grab his socks, I suppose.  Not long until he'll be crawling! He rolls over from stomach to back (as you saw on last week's video) and back... Continue Reading →

roll over

One of the saddest parts of enrolling Brandon in daycare was the thought of his milestones occurring there, without me to witness them. I begged him to save all the firsts for evenings and weekends when I was there to see him. I tried to force him to roll over at two and a half... Continue Reading →

adoption documentary

There is a new documentary on Oxygen called "I'm having their baby."If you're adopted, a birth mom, an adoptive parent, or someone who is interested in the process, watch it. It is heart-wrenching.The opening segment says there are 6 million pregnancies in the U.S. every year. 3 million are unplanned. And 14,000 births result in... Continue Reading →

black and bumbo is back

Brandon is his recalled Bumbo chair. And skull and crossbones sleep n' play because he's a bad ass. Have I ever bitched about how they don't have any baby clothes in black? They don't. I've found all of four black baby-size clothes over the last year. And I've bought them all. Black is my favorite color. But... Continue Reading →

Dr. Carter

This is what Brandon wore to the doctor's office. He is in the 99.62% on height at an astounding 28."He is in the 94.71% for weight at 18 lbs, 2 oz. We're growing a giant over here!

crib cries

Brandon has become pretty attached to us. Sometimes at night, he cries in his crib because he knows we'll come and get him and let him sleep in our bed. I know it's not recommended, but it's nice having our whole family in the bed together. I love waking up next to his sweaty little... Continue Reading →

4 months

Today Brandon is four months old. When did my baby get so big? See for yourself: Lately he has been either really happy or really pissed off. I blame it on the teething.  I can't get enough of his adorable little face. I could stare at it all day.

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