Brandon has begun making motor sounds with his mouth. He thinks it's hilarious. He spits and sputters all over the place.   Sometimes I let Steve think Brandon is a daddy's boy. Sometimes. We have one smiley, happy baby. We have nothing to complain about. Except my ingrown toenails and possible thyroid problem and two-week... Continue Reading →

Pretty pictures

Donna Boucher over at Quiet Life took some impromptu photos of Brandon at Asher's birthday party two weekends ago. No one can take pictures the way she can. Take a look at how much he has changed since she last took his picture.  

First football Sunday

My boys on the first regular season Miami Dolphins game day.They managed to tear their eyes away from the tv to look in my general direction for a second.  Football games are long! Brandon got bored. He wasn't the only one. He throws dad a bone and looks at the tv for a second. At... Continue Reading →

Week 22

Brandon has become very attached to us. He loves playing with us. He laughs and smiles when we sing or make faces or talk to him in silly voices. He is beginning to outgrow his baby toys. This swing was so big on him before. I remember thinking that hippo was so far up he'd... Continue Reading →

old mom

It's official - I am the old mom. I will be thirty before my son turns one. This really hit me last month when I hired a staff member who also has a new baby...she's ten years younger than me. Being older when having children isn't all bad - we're more fiscally responsible and stable... Continue Reading →

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