baby pictures

One of the benefits of working with a bunch of smart IT people is that they're rubbing off on me. After all this time, I've finally learned how to correctly use a scanner. Which means I am finally able to post a blog that I've wanted to for months now:Here is a picture of me... Continue Reading →

dinner time

Brandon eats baby food once a day now. And he takes control.  He grabs the spoon, eats his bib.   And gets just as messy as humanly possible. Probaby so he can get a bath afterwards. 

Red October

In our front yard, we have these bushes:  They have thorns and always prick me while I'm weeding. They grow like crazy and require a lot of trimming. I've already pulled two of them out; one day, the rest. But for about two weeks every fall, they turn bright red and begin to shed their... Continue Reading →

a new season

Week one of my new job completed. I am healthier and happier already. I come home at lunch and make myself something hot to eat on the chilly fall days. I have started a book and a puzzle again. I am not completely stressed out and frustrated. I get to sleep in later and spend... Continue Reading →

out with the old

I'm starting a new job tomorrow. And Brandon is starting at a new daycare. We weren't thrilled with the old daycare. His room was in the basement so each morning I'd have to teeter down the stairs in my four-inch high heels holding Brandon in his infant carrier which weighs about fifty pounds. Every night... Continue Reading →

fatty with no energy

There is a book and a movie called "Thinner" by Stephen King. In it, an obese man is cursed by a gypsy and loses three pounds a day, regardless of what he eats. At first, he thinks it's great, until he begins to waste away. I have the opposite problem - I gain three pounds... Continue Reading →


 Is is pathetic to get a little sad about a kids' clothing store closing?Because OshKosh is closing.And I'm a little sad.They have great clothes - non-babyish clothes for babies. They have sales and coupons you can use together to make you think you're getting a great deal when you're actually just paying normal prices for... Continue Reading →

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