Work/life balance

Last night I looked at Brandon - at his curious, roaming body. I watched him wriggle and crawl and laugh. He has grown up so fast. Last year he was still in my belly and now he can kind of talk and almost walk. Everything all the other parents have said for years is right... Continue Reading →

2013 goals

I have a lot of downfalls. More than, most, I suppose. So in hopes of curbing some of them, I have something to work on this year. It's discipline. I realize that so many things I want to do that I don't or that I do that I shouldn't are because of a lack of... Continue Reading →

My top 10 celebrities of 2012

1. Jennifer Garner - she is one of Hollywood's most beautiful women, but she takes her daughters to the park and dresses like a real person (or what all the other Hollywood moms would probably call a slob). Here's to women who dress for the occasion and realize five inch heels aren't always apropos. 2.... Continue Reading →

Nine months old

I haven't posted pictures of the baby lately. He's hardly a baby. Sometimes I look at him and see a three-year old. We lowered his crib and his play pen. He's getting too big on us! He's been eating a lot of real foods. Cheerios, Goldfish crackers, chicken - you name it. He loves grasping... Continue Reading →

Baby’s First Christmas

What kind of mom am I that I haven't already posted pictures of Baby's First Christmas? Don't answer that question. It's rhetorical. There is no right answer - only wrongs.  He liked playing with his little cousin, Mila. She is ten weeks younger than him. He really loved trying to rip open the presents before... Continue Reading →

bath time

Brandon can sit up in the bathtub now. He puts bath toys in his mouth and plays nicely while I scrub him down and lint floats to the top of the water from between his toes. Such an easy bath time compared to the splashing and flailing that he did while lying down.  Won't be long... Continue Reading →

You’ve Got Spooks

Tonight, I was playing with Brandon on the floor when Steve suggested a movie. "How about You've Got Mail?" he asked. "You love that movie.""Sure," I replied because I really do love that movie.While Steve searched through our DVD collection to find it, he started naming off other options instead. "Or Family Stone or (500)... Continue Reading →

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