As a part of my year of discipline, I decided to give up caffeine. Cold turkey. Please keep in mind that I have been known to hit up Scooter's every day of the week. Additionally, I love to wash down lunch and/or dinner with an ice cold Pepsi. I mean, I fucking love caffeine. It... Continue Reading →

Baby toys worth buying

Being someone who very recently raised a baby, I thought I have a little expertise on the subject of baby crap. Babies require so much crap. But not as much as the Babies R Us registry guidebook would lead you to believe. Here are the products that we loved and loathed this past year:Big Toys: ... Continue Reading →

accept what we deserve

Today we were quarantined inside the house. Brandon has pink eye (and an ear infection, and four erupting teeth). The poor baby has had better days. We took it easy and watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower. In it, Paul Rudd tells his student, "we accept the love we think we deserve." (I don't... Continue Reading →

Winter coat

Winter has been long, and I have worn it like a heavy coat. I have been only a sliver of my normal self - mostly covered in winter's gray. I have been exhausted and tired and grouchy and run down. I haven't been doing the things I love. I haven't been taking baths or doing... Continue Reading →


Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, our society is manufacturing the glasses. The mass perception of beauty changes with styles and fads. Girls are straightening their curly hair, spray tanning their fair complexions, sewing silicone into their breasts all because that is what someone thinks beauty is. Someone's whose opinion matters to... Continue Reading →

Oh deer

Last night, when I returned home from work, I mindlessly let Tucker into the backyard as I always do. I unwrapped Brandon from all his winter gear and went about some quick chores. All the while, Tucker barked shrilly. This was not like him. "What?" I asked impatiently as I opened the backdoor. Then, I... Continue Reading →

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