best week ever

I'm having a good week. Here's why:1. I wrote a very therapeutic blog post2. I caught up with an old friend3. I'm back on my thyroid medication and have much more energy already4. I was promoted at work5. I got to hold a friend's brand new baby and remember how small my little boy once... Continue Reading →

clogging up spaces where love can be

People do strange things when they're judged all the time instead of being loved. ~ 3.24.13 CalifornicationI heard this and immediately wanted to write about it. I wanted to say something about it because it's a thought I've had but never put into words. And you should get your thoughts out of your head and... Continue Reading →

11 months

Sorry for the absence of Brandon pictures lately. He had a pretty rough home hair cut and although I don't think he's old enough to be vain, his mom is on his behalf. Have to protect his image, you know. We tried the home haircut again last weekend. I had Steve take care of the... Continue Reading →

turn me out the door

The outdoors have been calling me. So, not being one to dismiss a siren's song, I have obliged. I have officially become a Midwesterner. I remember my first winter here, I would think those people wearing shorts in the snow were crazy. I am now that person. A few days lately, the temperature has been... Continue Reading →

milestone birthday

I have a milestone birthday this week. I am turning 30. This is the first birthday where I feel the age. All the other birthdays came and went without much notice. But this year, I can't help but notice. This marks a decade of my life that has come and gone. And the best decade,... Continue Reading →

we’re home

I just love Saturdays around the house. I have turned into a real homebody. This is my solace and my serenity. Brandon loves it too. After being out and about, he starts to fuss but the minute we walk in the door and I turn off the alarm, he starts smiling and kicking. This place exists... Continue Reading →

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