I – Working Mom

Today marks a year since I've returned to work. A year ago today was Brandon's first day at daycare. That day, I was a blubbering mess. In a year, Brandon has learned to walk and talk and eat like a big boy. He laughs loudly and has a sense of humor and is easily excitable.... Continue Reading →


I value independence. I am constantly preaching the ability to live on your own to young people. I think it is imperative before you live with someone else that you figure out yourself and how to do everything on your own. It makes you that much more appreciative to have someone there helping you with... Continue Reading →


Since I was five, my family lived in the same house. We went to the same church. For ten years, I was homeschooled - doing my school work at the same table. We had mostly the same neighbors with only a few variances as people got divorced or moved out of town. My parents even... Continue Reading →

A month in pictures

I was just going to post pictures of Brandon's first (professional) haircut, but then I found all these other pictures on my memory card and realized it's been awhile since I've posted pictures of him. This is our little Oompa Loompa. You can try to feed him all you want, but in the end, he's... Continue Reading →

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