in memory

Yesterday, a dear friend lost a dear friend. Anni is one of my very best friends from college. Chad was a very good friend of her's. Read the article about Chad RogersAnni, Patrick and I stopped at Chad's house ten years ago on a road trip. He was funny and kind and charismatic and hospitable.... Continue Reading →

Smooth stones

Rebecca said, "Look at the pebbles in the bottom of the pool, Miss Emily, so round and smooth and shining." "Yes, but where did they get that beautiful polish, that satin skin, that lovely shape, Rebecca? Not in the still pool lying on the sands. It was never there that their angles were rubbed off... Continue Reading →

Music man

Brandon loves music. When it comes on the tv, he puts his hands up or starts twerking. When the tv is not on, he walks over to our iPod doc and turns it on. He and I are loving Robin Thicke's new song.He isn't saying much more than usual, but he's movin' and groovin' all... Continue Reading →

Long-term goals

I just want to briefly share with you a response I received from an interview question recently: What are your long-term career goals? I want to be successful - to me, that means being able to provide and go home every day and be happy with my day's work. I don't want an extravagant life,... Continue Reading →

Baby’s first road trip

We went on a family vacation for the long weekend. "It will be great to be away from work and the dog and the house for awhile and just hang out the three of us together," we had said before the trip. We envisioned splashing together in the pool, fancy dinners out and relaxation. How... Continue Reading →

Summertime and the livin’ is easy

We got Brandon a $4.00 pool. He might be a little too big for it. But even so, we put him in it today after lathering him up with Coppertone. He smelled like summer. It felt like summer.   "Over here, mom!" While he splashed in his pool, I remembered vividly being a kid myself, splashing... Continue Reading →

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