Blood ties

Have you heard of human microchimerism? It's when cells from a fetus pass through the placenta and establish cell lineages within the mother. Women carry fetal cells from babies they have carried. Those cells mix with the mother's own cells - the fetal cells circulate in the mother's bloodstream for decades after each birth. A... Continue Reading →


I have had a lot of jobs. I've loved a few of them. But none of them have compared to where I work now. On Fridays at 4pm, we stop working, grab a beer out of the fridge and a plate of snacks and head into our unfinished ping pong area. We play or watch... Continue Reading →


I am pathetic. I am a weak person. As you all know, I quit caffeine back in February. And that stuck for awhile - two months, maybe. Until I told myself that having a coffee once in awhile certainly wouldn't make me an addict. And that's true, if you can get once in a while... Continue Reading →

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