Angry moments

Not long ago, I was devastated. I was disappointed, then upset, then resentful. I let those emotions play out. I wrote to clear my head of it. I talked it through with Steve. And then, I chose to let it go. I decided I can chose to harbor resentment and be angry, but that is... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Patch

Last night we went to the Pumpkin Patch.Last time I was there, Brandon was just a little thing in my belly. Next time I go there, this little thing in my belly can enjoy it, too. 

Wishes for my adult son

Steve and I have started reading our first parenting book. And something I read tonight stuck out to me:  What is it that I really want from my child? When my baby has grown into an adult, what characteristics do I want him to have? Here is what I wish for the adult Brandon:Respect: I... Continue Reading →

Song of the snails

Song of the snails on their way to a funeralTranslation - original text is in Frenchby Jacques Prévert Two snails went to the burial of a dead leaf.  They had black shells with crêpe on the horns.  They left in the evening, a beautiful evening in autumn.  But when they arrived, it was already spring.  The... Continue Reading →


People give pain, are callous and insensitive, empty and cruel...but place heals the hurt, soothes the outrage, fills the terrible vacuum that these human beings make. ~ Eudora WeltyI love coming home. The highlight of my day is bringing Brandon back home after long days at work and daycare. Here I am happy. Here, I... Continue Reading →

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