knee deep in creeps

Perhaps these kids aren't spaced apart quite far enough. Don't get me wrong - they're not Irish twins and they are just barely far enough apart that I don't look like one of those nuts who doesn't believe in birth control. But they will be two weeks less than two years apart. Which makes some... Continue Reading →

3 more months

Pregnancy is getting old. This is my third pregnancy, and with each subsequent one, I grow an additional twenty pounds from the last. I think this is my last pregnancy. And not just selfishly because my body will be over 200 pounds soon, but also because I've always wanted two boys and soon I will... Continue Reading →

Some things never change

When Steve was a child, he watched Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol every year. This year, Brandon is watching it with him. This kid won't stay put for anything other than Mickey Mouse, but somehow, he is contentedly watching Mister Magoo with his daddy.

Christmas memories

Every year on Christmas Eve, mom would make goodies while Evie's Christmas Memories played on the graphanola. She went all out: she made no bake fudgies and fudge and stained glass windows and homemade candies. Us kids would help her in the kitchen and then dust and vacuum and scrub the toilets for the company... Continue Reading →

That wasn’t an answer

I have always been decisive and opinionated. There are few things more obnoxious to me than an answer like, I don't care, sure, or you decide. I have always known what I like. To me, knowing what I like is the obvious answer over trying out something I might not. Of course, there are times... Continue Reading →

not once bitten, but twice?

Brandon is at the biting age. Not that he's biting, but getting bitten. Which is a bit shocking to me, because I thought my kid was more the bullying type than the type to be bullied. Just this morning he stole the banana from the mild-mannered kid sitting next to him. Yet two days this... Continue Reading →

Mom Goggles

First of all, I have to plug a completely underrated show. The Goldbergs. The cast is a bunch of nobodies (unless you know the daughter from X Factor and the dad from Curb Your Enthusiasm, but I don't expect any of you to watch as much TV as I do), so I don't think the... Continue Reading →

Best dressed

I'll admit it. I take great pride in my son's appearance. My kid is not going to be the slob wearing pajamas to daycare or with snot and slobber all over his shirt. My kid is much too cute for any of that. I don't want him to get a complex already and end up... Continue Reading →


We watched The Family Man the other day. I love that movie. I have a theory that that movie would be a huge hit if it had a different leading actor. If Ryan Gosling or Bradley Cooper or Jon Hamm played the lead role.  No one likes Nicholas Cage. But it is a great story... Continue Reading →

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