Dinner at the buffet

We have a one-week trial of a recruiting database at my work. "I'll get more than a week's use out of it," I say, "you should see me at a buffet." But seriously - you should. I was raised by a very frugal father. He would take us to Old Country Buffet on occasion.  Whenever... Continue Reading →


In eight weeks, Holden will be here. There is so much to do. There are so many lasts with us now, and soon to be so many firsts. These are my last eight weeks of working for awhile. I found a new job which I plan to work at until Holden is born. Only eight... Continue Reading →

toy room – phase 2

A few weeks ago, I decided to convert our dining room into a toy room. That was phase one. Then, having some time on my hands without a job, I overhauled into phase 2. Forgive me for not cleaning up the toys before taking the pictures. That's the beauty of a toy room - you... Continue Reading →


Nine years ago, I was a senior in college. My parents had just found out I was pregnant. And in a whirlwind, my life changed. At my mom's orders, I moved out of my apartment, quit my jobs, and moved back into my mom's house. I found a new job. I transferred my language class... Continue Reading →


I've become rather crafty with all of my new spare time. I have been knocking out house projects left and right. I have painted the toy room and hung the curtains. Tomorrow we put in the new light fixture and I'm tracking my art orders like crazy. Once the artwork is hung, I'll post pictures... Continue Reading →

the terminated

Last Friday I lost my job. I was let go, terminated, dismissed. Whatever you want to call it. At first, I was upset. But a week has passed. And over the past week, the anger and bitterness has drained out of me like water swirling down the drain of a bath tub. I have had... Continue Reading →


I know growing a child inside of you is a miracle and it should be enjoyed at every stage, blah blah blah. But I am an impatient person and have always thought it takes too long and I want to meet my baby. But this weekend, my viewpoint shifted a little bit. I thought of... Continue Reading →

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