a letter for my son

Brandon,You're not quite two yet, but already I can see much of the person you are going to be.You're funny - you laugh loudly and often, you dance and stomp wildly and you love making me and your daddy laugh. You're sensitive - you notice emotions in your books and point them out with concern.... Continue Reading →

holden’s room

Holden's room is finished! It was no easy feat.Here are the before and after photos.   I picked the brightest red known to mankind and it took four coats to even out the brush strokes.   I'm pretty proud of the end result, although the color is going to scare the beezezus out of a baby. 

flakes and piles

When it snows around here, it ends up looking like this:But before this, I looked up into the sky and watched it coming down in fluffy flakes one beautiful piece at a time. They were dancing in the streetlights, playing in their fall. They weren't yet trampled and shoved into filthy piles. It was enchanting.... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day

Every Valentine's Day, Steve sends flowers me flowers at work.This year, I'm as big as a whale and moody enough to be in an asylum. On Thursday night, I decided I would leave work early on Friday to come home and finish painting Holden's room. Steve said, "uh oh" and when I asked him what... Continue Reading →


When I'm pregnant, all bets are off and I will eat Chinese food. On Saturday, I picked up our dinner from a real classy joint between Old Country Buffet and ShopKo. Here is their front window: I just love the asterisk. No MSG - when MSG stands for Madison Square Garden's stock rather than Monosodium glutamate. No MSG... Continue Reading →

Beached whale

Six weeks of pregnancy left. That feels like a lifetime from now. I'm not necessarily dying to go through the pain of childbirth, but being not pregnant sounds excellent right now. I am nearing the 200 lbs mark. I never knew how uncomfortable being large was. And now, I know painfully well. It is terrible.... Continue Reading →

Being personal

It's no secret that I have a real potty mouth. Sure, if you just read my blog and don't know me in person, it's not THAT terrible. But in person, I pepper my language with colorful words quite frequently. For affect, you know. It's not that I don't know any other words to use, it... Continue Reading →

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