fallen angel

Today Holden is five weeks old. His first three weeks, he was a little angel. He slept well, ate on a schedule, and rarely cried. Even when he did cry, it was just a soft whimper. Damn, I thought he was the perfect baby. But these past two weeks, they have been a different story altogether.... Continue Reading →

Just a mom

Now that I don't work outside the home, I fear becoming just a mom. I am many things besides a mother: a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend. I'm a walker, a sometimes runner, a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast, a homeowner, a reader, a writer, and many other things.But being a mother seems to overshadow... Continue Reading →

spread thin

I remember when Brandon was a newborn and I was home with him for his first twelve weeks. I remember holding him and taking pictures of him and making sure he did his tummy time and played on his piano gym. I remember writing about his milestones and logging everything in his baby book. He... Continue Reading →

Four weeks

My little Holden Paul is four weeks old today. That went by quickly.He is starting to smile and make faces other than his resting scowl.  We call him "Holdy" around here. The way Brandon says it is adorable. I make him repeat it over and over like he's some kind of circus animal.


There are plenty of moments here that are frenzied. Like when both the kids are crying - tired and hungry and I'm the only one around. I can only be one place at a time and it isn't enough to take care of everything. It's enough to make a person go insane, I swear. But... Continue Reading →


I figured I should have some pictures of Holden's earliest days that I didn't take on my iPhone. So I pulled out my Nikon I bought myself nearly ten years ago now when I graduated from college.No one takes film pictures anymore. The guy at the camera store couldn't even find the film and told... Continue Reading →


  Brandon is learning to tolerate Holden. He says, "baby brother!" and gives him his pacifier and toys when he's crying. Brandon is still possessive at times and says, "no baby!" when he wants my attention and I'm holding Holden, but we're making progress.

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