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Necessity... the mother of invention. ~ Plato This is my first parenting shortcut. Parenting chores are endless: laundry, taking out the diaper trash, picking up toys, and worst of all: the hand-washing bottles and toddler dishes. I swear I do this all the time. If both boys are asleep, you're sure to find me at the... Continue Reading →

Parenting blogs

If you have ever read a popular parenting blog (like this one), you know that the comments are filled with parents ripping each other apart for being too neglectful or too smothering. Everyone is telling each other how to parent - everyone thinking their idea is the way for all children to be raised by... Continue Reading →

Family home for sale

My Grandpa's house went on the market this week.This is the most sacred place in the world to me. I wrote about it here once upon a time. It's been seven years since my Grandpa passed, but his home has stayed in the family - being rented out.But my mother and her siblings agreed the... Continue Reading →

3 months

Look who just turned three months old.  A half of a half of a year old. For three months I haven't worked, but instead have taken care of my beautiful boys. Best three months of my life, hands down. I know them better than anyone does and love them more than I can explain. There is... Continue Reading →

fleeting time

I don't have many pictures of me with my boys since I'm usually behind the camera. But Steve snapped this one yesterday and I love that I have a picture with me and my tiny boy before he gets less tiny.They grow up so fast. I can hardly believe that in two years Holden will... Continue Reading →

Parenting philosophy

Someone asked me once what my parenting philosophy is."What the fuck is a parenting philosophy?" was my response. I guess it's answers to all these questions that you agree upon with your spouse before your child is even Will we spank him? Will we let him cry or run to him? Will he sleep... Continue Reading →

I’ve never:

On Monday I peeled an orange for the first time. It made me think of that game "Never have I ever." Here are some other rather commonplace things that I have never done:1. Mowed the lawn2. Broken a bone3. Got my passport4. Been to Disneyland or World5. Got a manicure or pedicure6. Been to a... Continue Reading →

My sons’ father

Father's Day came and went and I wasn't cliché by writing something about how great of a father my husband is. But I will now. Because he is. Every day he comes home from a long day at work and without me nagging or asking, he changes the boys' diapers. He plays with Brandon outside... Continue Reading →

kids say the darndest things

When is it that you stop marveling at the adorable things your kids say or every new thing they've learned? I haven't stopped yet with Brandon. I think everything he does is just amazing. He is this precocious, smart, adorable little ball of energy. Here are some of my favorite gems from him so far:Me:... Continue Reading →

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