To my daughter’s parents

I can't imagine how it feels to place your child up for adoption and not know who her parents will be. I can't imagine worrying if she's being cared for properly or if she will be raised with strong morals. I can't imagine the paranoia and worry that must come from the scary unknown. Because... Continue Reading →


The weather has been absolutely perfect around here. Mid 70s. I remember last summer that I wouldn't even be outside at all from the time I entered work until nearly 6p when I left work. What a terrible way to live.   I was talking to my neighbor yesterday while Brandon played in the backyard and she asked... Continue Reading →

Saturday mornings

Good morning, mama!This boy and I are always the first ones up. He used to go back to sleep after his morning bottle, but not anymore. We are up together at 7a. It's not so bad, now that I'm used to it. I wrote an actual letter one morning, emptied the dishwasher once. It's stolen time.... Continue Reading →

fresh paint

Yes, like everyone else in the world, we had a brown house. Until yesterday. We are not beige people. Now our house reflects that.

The age we grow up in

Do you ever wish for a simpler time? Sometimes I wish that progress had frozen for awhile so my children could grow up like I did. I didn't have a cell phone in high school or junior high. When I wanted to find something out, I looked in our Encyclopedias or went to the library.... Continue Reading →

Useful baby stuff

Here are some things I found myself running to the store for after Brandon was born:1. Sleep n plays. These are the one-piece outfits complete with footsies. They come in either snap up or zip up. I thought I was going to be dressing Brandon in preppy little outfits every day, but then I realized... Continue Reading →

Useless baby stuff

Before you've been a parent, you have no idea what to expect. So you prepare as best you can by buying  way too much shit. Seriously - the amount of money I wasted on useless baby things is ridiculous. I probably could have quit working back when Brandon was born if I would have been... Continue Reading →


There is this thought that I have often that I have never been able to articulate. It just floats in my mind, resurfacing every now and again. Last night it resurfaced again. Steve and I went to a concert at the Slowdown here in Omaha. Concerts aren't really my scene. If I like a song,... Continue Reading →

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