Just rosy

I will paraphrase yesterday's blog post with this:Can you believe Steve still sends me flowers after Valentine's Day?We just celebrated eight years of wedded bliss (most of the time). Take that, seven-year itch!

slow down

Last Saturday, after crossing the finish line and posing for endless obligatory pictures, I just wanted to go back to Puyallup. I hadn't seen my baby in two days, hadn't slept much in three days, and had tunnel vision - hoping to get to tomorrow today. This is actually a problem for me all the... Continue Reading →

flying solo (with a baby)

Nothing makes you stop believing in the good in people quite like flying with an infant. I have never experienced such blatant disregard in my life. It starts before I even board - while waiting, the other people around sneak looks at us, then look away as to not make eye contact. They are thinking... Continue Reading →

Holden meets the family

Holden has now met all of his closest relatives.  There are certainly a lot of girls in our families.  I don't think it will ever even out at this point.  Saryn, who is almost seven, said she would teach Holden to crawl while I was at the race.  When I got back, she said he hadn't caught... Continue Reading →

Hood to Coast

Here's where I was this weekend. My family and I completed the Hood to Coast relay. If you haven't heard of this, it is a 199 mile relay race with 12 people on a team. We run from Mt. Hood to the Pacific Ocean. One of us is always running until it is over, which... Continue Reading →

characters welcome

I have put it off as long as I could. But I am now allowing these damn character shirts. Some of the kids in Brandon's daycare were wearing these as much as a year ago. But I stood my ground, other than one Mickey shirt that slipped in as a present. It's a sad day... Continue Reading →

dentist visit

I went to the dentist yesterday. I do so enjoy my dentist visits (seriously). I took Brandon with me this time since next year he will be sitting in the dentist chair. I wanted to show him it wasn't scary. I guess I didn't account for what he would do while I was in the... Continue Reading →

amber necklace

I am not a hippie mom. I didn't save my placenta. I don't puree my own baby food. I never even wore my children. In fact, most of Brandon's lunches are made in the toaster oven. He watches TV. I could never be confused for a hippie mom. But today, I did a hippie mom... Continue Reading →

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