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Of course, Steve and I are biased. But we think Holden could be the next Gerber baby.  I eat a salad most days for lunch, but Wednesday, we sprang for Pizza Hut. When daddy is away, we get stuffed crust! For anyone who isn't aware of the magic of Pizza Hut, with a coupon code... Continue Reading →

Obligatory Pumpkin Patch visit

There is this autumn parental obligation that I'm not all that fond of: taking your children to the Pumpkin Patch.I never went to a Pumpkin Patch growing up (our autumn activity was always the Puyallup Fair). Quite honestly, I don't get the appeal.But then again, there are things you do in life for your kids.That's... Continue Reading →

Deadened nerve endings

Thirteen-year-old girls live in two different worlds...Partly, a thirteen-year-old is still a child...Everything is drama to her. She feels things ten times more than a fifteen-year-old girl, or a ten-year-old...The knowledge thirteen-year-old girls carry comes from a whole different galaxy: from other sense besides the accustomed five, or maybe the heightened acuity of those five... Continue Reading →

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 We went to the zoo on Monday, the four of us. Brandon has been singing, "mama's taking us to the zoo tomorrow," this week and it is adorable. Holden didn't used to be this way, but nowadays, he is happy to look around while sitting contentedly in his car seat. He is the perfect traveler. The... Continue Reading →

Dating men vs. boys

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the only type of man I consider worth the time of day, as far as marriage is concerned. Today, I finished Mindy Kaling's book, and she totally seems to get what I was saying. Here is how she puts it, much better than I did:Until I was thirty,... Continue Reading →


On Monday night, Brandon slept in his big boy bed. Neither Steve nor I was ready for it. Truthfully, Brandon has asked to sleep in his big boy bed a few times (OK, more than a few). But I always disregard his request and stick him in the crib. He is two and a half,... Continue Reading →

Before and after

I was feeling like pretty hot stuff on Saturday because I ran to the lake and halfway around it, completing seven miles in under an hour. I told Steve afterward, "I would laugh if anyone tried to pass me." Because even though I'm not a true athlete like those marathoners are, I am still prideful... Continue Reading →

field trips, movies, OCD

So many reasons I love fall! Here's one: no one is at the children's museum thanks to school. We went in the summer a few times and it was pandemonium. In the fall, it's just a handful of us stay-at-home moms (and the token dad, of course) with our toddlers and babies. No screaming, the... Continue Reading →

the gardens

I have lived in Omaha for a decade, and only today did I finally visit Lauritzen Gardens.When I first lived in Omaha, I was in college, living in the dorms. I would walk to the zoo down tenth street nearly every day. This was on 10th and Bancroft. This have a nostalgic affection for this... Continue Reading →

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