Good shit

I know, I know, I'm unoriginal and completely cliché and ordinary. But here is what I'm thankful for this year: Adoption - that my wonderful daughter is being raised by loving parents (and that there is this beautiful alternative to the other two choices in surprise pregnancies)Books and baths. Couldn't choose. Plus they go together so... Continue Reading →

Bullshit wedding gifts

I don't agree with the way we do wedding gifts. It's fucked up, really. Think about it - some young kids get scan happy with a scan gun and start agreeing that yes, indeed, they need a tent even though they fucking hate the outdoors. And yes, a quesadilla maker is a needed appliance and... Continue Reading →

road trip

Nearly a decade ago, my friend hopped a flight to Seattle and I picked her up at the airport, my Saturn loaded down with everything I owned. We drove to Omaha, stopping to sleep in Montana. Now in our thirties instead of twenties, when she told me she was going to be moving halfway across... Continue Reading →

i’m an outlaw

You know how people are always saying crazy phrases that don't make any sense at all? Like "I froze my ass off"? Well I literally ran my tits off. My working out has made sense of a non sequitur idiom. I'm not bragging about my breasts previously known as large - trust me, I don't... Continue Reading →


In the months that I've been making an effort to not be grossly unhealthy, I've noticed that a lot of times when I reach for something unhealthy, it's not really because I'm craving it, but because I'm used to it. It's a habit. We have coupled unhealthy choices with another one - handcuffing one to... Continue Reading →

Pure joy

It was great having my sister stay with us last week. She was so great to have around with the kids. In fact, when Brandon saw this picture, he went up to our guest room to look for her. "Where's Aunt Amber, mama?" he asked.  My neighbor asked about her, too. "How'd your pictures turn out... Continue Reading →

A little nutsy

I have talked a lot about having a third child. But I really haven't thought that much about it. I have thought about the two children we already have and about money and about babies, but not actually about a third child. I have thought around it without thinking about it. So for the past... Continue Reading →

lots of hugs and sticky kisses

The way children love is pretty fucking unbelievable. It could be what I love most about being a mom. I love getting to experience that love: to feel it - to be wrapped in the big hugs and covered in the sticky kisses that are its currency. Here is what I've noticed so far about... Continue Reading →

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