2014 in review

This year kicked off with me being let go from my job in my third trimester of pregnancy. Although that was humbling and humiliating, it ended up being good for us as we finally decided I would stay home after Holden was born. I spent the two weeks in between being let go and starting... Continue Reading →


I used to hate that I am a sharer. I share information I receive, and can not keep a secret. I don't even like to try keeping a secret, actually. It makes me anxious. When people preface something with, "you can't tell anyone this," I am curious, but it is probably best not to tell... Continue Reading →

Two pictures

We just returned from our Christmas vacation in Washington, and I've got a yoga DVD and a hot bath calling my name, so I will just quickly post a picture of each of my boys this Christmas.Steve got me Photoshop Elements for Christmas, so be sure there will be more pictures, once I edit some... Continue Reading →

List to tell people

I think about making a list of all the things I need to tell people before it's too late. ~ Jonathan Tropper, This is Where I Leave YouI read this and knew immediately that I must do it.  There are people very important to me that I appreciate and admire and never told them as much... Continue Reading →

Smile for the camera

 I can't look at this picture and not laugh. He is such a silly baby.  We have had a surprising warm snap around here. I mean, fifty some degrees! I ran outside last weekend and looks like I'll be able to do it again this weekend. No complaints here!  I took a picture of Brandon... Continue Reading →


Growing up, my mom could do anything. She could remove a sliver with tweezers and a straight pin, get my drawstring back through my hoodie using a safety pin. She could mend pants without making it obvious. Hell, she could even sew our clothes (and accessories). She could cook a Thanksgiving dinner, repair Christmas lights,... Continue Reading →

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