If You Give Your Son a Brother

Brandon and I have been reading a lot of Laura Numeroff books. You know, the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series. After finishing, we make up our own versions. Brandon especially likes talking about his upcoming birthday party after If You Give a Pig a Party. He always wants cupcakes, balloons, and lots... Continue Reading →

Playdate Material

Brandon and I might have met a Playdate Material kid at the park today (yes, read that like the kid version of "marriage material"). We go to the park a lot, and not just the park, but also to the children's mueseum, the zoo, and other places where kids and moms are often loitering about.... Continue Reading →

Filled anew

There is something so special about the time of great romance in your life. The time when you are falling in love. You are consumed with a new energy - an excitement, a purpose that you didn't have before. I didn't think anything would compare with it since. In fact, I think married couples often... Continue Reading →

Book Nook

I have completed my first Pinterest worthy project. Brandon's room has a small nook between where his closet ends and the outside wall begins. One day, when he is in school, I will put his desk there. But until then, I have decided to fill it with his books.I love framed book covers. I didn't... Continue Reading →

Trying to find a career

Our twenties are for experimenting, exploring different jobs, and discovering what fulfills us. My professor warned against graduate school, asserting, "you're not fully formed yet. You don't know if it's what you really want to do with your life because you haven't tried enough things...And if you rush into something you're unsure about, you might... Continue Reading →

To work or not to work

I loved staying at home. At first. I was sleeping in until 9 each morning, Holden was on a regular eat-sleep-poop schedule, and Brandon was still taking a nap each day and hadn’t started saying, “leave me alone!” yet. I loved not having anywhere to go or a reason to put on makeup. Not wearing... Continue Reading →


Excuse my absence. I'm angry at my computer. It's taken me awhile to come back and sit here. In the time I was away, my husband cleared this desk off and it is actually quite nice to return. Ahh. The reason I'm mad at my computer is because it is slow and I am impatient.... Continue Reading →

Most Impactful books I read in 2014

I am avoiding saying "best" books I read because after I read this:  It is an impressively arrogant move to conclude that just because you don't like something, it is empirically not good. ~ BossyPants by Tina FeyI started paying more attention to the way I say things are good or not good. It's such... Continue Reading →

Mama’s boys

I used to think mamas' boys were wimpy and pathetic. I was annoyed by those kind of guys who would talk to their mom on the phone all the time. I thought that I should be the first woman in their life and that they were too old to be calling up mommy about mundane... Continue Reading →

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