infinite love

I didn't know how well I would do at parenting more than one kid, in all honesty. I will never forget being at the hospital, about to deliver Holden, and crying that I wasn't with Brandon. He is my first son, the child who made me a mother, the first baby I could call my... Continue Reading →

Filled emptiness

Last night, we tried going out to dinner with both of our kids. I can count on my fingers how many times this has happened because it takes a pretty rare blend of gumption and optimism from both Steve and me to attempt this feat. Our children are kids, after all, and the beautifully irritating... Continue Reading →

‘Round here

 Brandon is potty-trained! At home, during the day, that is. So no, not really, but I am counting it. It is a beautiful thing to only change one child's diapers. I'm wondering how soon I can start Holden. Could we finish out 2015 without diapers, for example? I think I'll try with him around 18... Continue Reading →


People used to tell me they had to work harder than I did to do equally well in school. I thought if you just put in the same effort, the outcome would be the same. Studying and memorizing, reading and comprehending - what's not to get? I thought. But the truth is, I didn't put... Continue Reading →

devilish grinner and the artist

Here are a couple pictures from January: Holden is pulling himself up on furniture, falling, and hitting his head whenever possible.  But his devilish grin is so cute and I can't help but squeeze him tightly and whisper to him that he's my sweet little baby. Sweet nothings, to be sure, because "sweet" doesn't describe... Continue Reading →

Not ready yet

On Friday I had a phone interview. I wasn't really expecting a full-fledged thirty minute conversation about my past work experience and those cliché behavioral interview questions. I just knew it was a part-time work-from-home recruiting position. I was just planning to hear if the logistics would work for me, I wasn't really prepared to... Continue Reading →

Bookend child

Maybe our family sizes are predetermined. Maybe everyone is supposed to stop having kids after a certain number and you can tell when that is by when your "Bookend Child" arrives.A Bookend Child is a child who is rowdy and rambunctious and hard to handle and already has the characteristics of a youngest child even before... Continue Reading →

Harper Lee’s other book

I got some great news via text today:If you want to click on that link, here it is. Otherwise, I will paraphrase for you. The writer of one of the great classic American books, Harper Lee, wrote another book prior to To Kill a Mockingbird. Sixty years later, it is being published! She actually wrote... Continue Reading →

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