Harper Lee’s other book

I got some great news via text today:

If you want to click on that link, here it is. Otherwise, I will paraphrase for you. The writer of one of the great classic American books, Harper Lee, wrote another book prior to To Kill a Mockingbird. Sixty years later, it is being published! She actually wrote this one prior to To Kill a Mockingbird and the publisher urged her to instead focus on the flashbacks to Scout’s childhood which is how we got To Kill a Mockingbird.

Harper Lee didn’t realize that her first book had survived. Her lawyer found the manuscript and her publisher agreed to release the book this July without any making any revisions. Harper Lee has stayed pretty under the radar since the 60’s (thus, some of us didn’t even know she is still alive). As a book lover, and a Harper Lee fan (yes, if Steve and I had a daughter, “Harper” would get thrown into the name hat), I am pretty ecstatic. I will be reading this on July 14th.

P.S. I love that I have a friend who loves books and the English language as much as I do and uses “posthumously” in a text.

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