party animals (pun intended)

This was my first birthday party pulling off without one of my fellow Pelesky ladies here to root me on, give me ideas, and help me set up. Last year my mom was here for Brandon's second birthday right after Holden's birth, and the year before Amber was still in Omaha and was a part... Continue Reading →

hardest job ever

It's been a year of being a stay-at-home mom and here's what I've learned: that this is the hardest job I've had. When I used to review resumes, I would laugh at people who would list their stay-at-home mom job as "CEO of family" or "Domestic Engineer" to try to spruce up the title. And... Continue Reading →

Holden’s first year

March 24 2014 marked the scariest day of my life to date. I didn't know if your dad and I would get to meet you. When I woke up, the first thing I heard was your cry and I was overjoyed. Here we are a year later, and you have grown from that tiny crying... Continue Reading →

backyard hobbies

The weather has turned warm here and we are spending as much time outdoors as possible. Brandon is still dedicated to his garden. Holden is adopting some of Brandon's OCD behavior.  Sidewalk chalk is always on the agenda.Brandon thinks he can climb trees. Luckily, it looks like I have a few more years.Just fifteen years until he... Continue Reading →

not some lark

We have entered the stage of parenting where things aren't so easy anymore. I mean, no part of parenting is easy, I'm sure, but when they are babies you keep them alive, but once they get older, you think about actions, consequences, and how it all shapes their character. My older brother remembers my dad... Continue Reading →

it reverberates

I got a present from my daughter in the mail today. It was perfectly thoughtful: full of things I like - a book and a blank journal, homemade bookmarks and waterproof bracelets. And a very sweet handwritten note. I sank to the floor and wept - there is this constant ache because of Gracie's adoption.... Continue Reading →

Scheduling passion

Prepare yourself: I'm about to write about writing. How dull can you get, right? You must not have met me if you didn't already know that. I have two sides: super dull and super fun. And super fun usually requires a bit of alcohol to loosen up the super dull side. Oh my god, you're... Continue Reading →

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